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Wix Bookings is an easy-to-use scheduling system that lets your clients book and pay for treatments or courses online, so you can focus on managing your business.

How to Create a Treatment

Step 1 | Create an appointment

To get started, create a new appointment from the Booking Services tab in your site's dashboard.

To create an appointment:

Go to Booking Services in your site's dashboard.

  1. Click + Add a New Service in the top right.

  2. Choose what you want to do:

  • Click Edit to choose the relevant Appointment template based on your business type.

  • Click + Start from Scratch to use a blank template.

Step 2 | Add the appointment details

Now you can start adding information about what clients can expect from the appointment. Make sure to include an image and a detailed description to inform your clients.

To add the appointment details:

  1. Click the Expand icon next to Service Details.

  2. Add the important information about your appointment:

  • Name: Give the appointment a clear and catchy name to attract more clients.

  • Location: Display where you offer the appointment, for example, at your business location, the client’s place or somewhere else.

  • Video conferencing: Enable the Video conferencing toggle to offer the service online, where relevant.

  • Duration: Click the drop-down to set how long your appointment lasts.

  • Buffer time: Click the drop-down to add time between appointments for clean up, prep or travel time that's required.

Enter any additional information about your appointment:

  • Add an image: Click the Add icon and upload an image that showcases the service on offer.

  • Tagline: Here you can summarize the benefits of booking an appointment (e.g. more flexible choice of times). The subtitle appears under the service name on your service list and service page.

  • Description: Offer more details about the services and what additional benefits potential clients can expect.

Step 3 | Set your pricing & payment details

After describing your appointment, make your pricing clear and easy to understand for your clients. Choose from a fixed Price, a custom price or offer the service for free.

To set your price & payment details:

  1. Scroll down to the Price & Payment section.

  2. Choose from the following options in the Price type drop-down:

Varied Prices for Deposits & Klarna

Create different price options so clients can pay using Klarna, just a deposit or the full amount. For clinics we recommend that you select Entire amount online as this will allow your clients to choose Klarna at checkout.

  1. Enter a Default Price in the field provided.

  2. Choose how clients can pay for the service from the Payment Preferences drop-down:

  • Entire amount online.

Click Create Price Options or Manage Price Options to edit your existing price options.

  1. Choose the type of price option you want to offer:

  • Custom:

  1. Enter a descriptive name under Price options label (e.g. "PAYMENT TYPE").

  2. Enter the different client types and corresponding prices in the fields provided (Deposit, Pay in Full).

  3. (Optional) Click + Add New Option to create additional price options.

  4. Click Save.

Managing your calendars

The Wix Bookings calendar is where you manage your appointments, classes and courses and make quick scheduling changes when needed.


Avoid scheduling conflicts between your business and personal life by syncing your personal calendar with your Wix Bookings Calendar.

Requiring Approval for Appointment Bookings

Ask clients to send you booking requests rather than allowing them to book appointments immediately. This lets you to take control of your schedule, outside of class and course hours, each day.

You receive a notification when someone wants to book an appointment. You can then accept or decline the request or suggest a different time. Your client then receives your response.

How clients make a booking request

When clients view an appointment service, they see a "Request to Book" button instead of a "Book Now" button. After selecting a date and time and completing the booking form, your client confirms the request to book. They then receive an email that their request was submitted.

Note: Clients can not pay online for appointments that require approval.

Responding to requests

When you receive an appointment request, you get notified via email and in your dashboard. The pending appointment also appears in your booking calendar so you can see if it works with the rest of your schedule.

To respond to a request:

Go to Booking Calendar in your site's dashboard.

  1. Click the pending appointment.

  2. Select an option:

    • To approve the request: Click Approve.

    • To make changes before approving:

      1. Click Approve With Reschedule.

      2. Change the staff member, date, or time of the booking.

      3. (Optional) Enter a note to yourself (not visible to the client).

      4. Select or deselect the Notify participant with an email checkbox.

        • (When selected) Add a message to your client explaining why the booking details were changed.

  1. Click Save Changes.

  • To decline the request:

    1. Click the Decline button.

    2. Select or deselect the Notify client with an email checkbox.

      • (When selected) Add a message to your client explaining why the booking was declined.

  1. Click Yes, Decline Session.

What's next?

As soon as you approve or decline an appointment booking request, your client receives an email informing them about the status of the booking.


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