Academy Partnership

Your Academy is doing an amazing job of training and transforming the most elite medical staff into the highly skilled practitioners we see today.

But once they have completed the coursework, they are oftentimes left alone, trying to figure out the next step of how to build their Aesthetic Clinic into a business that offers the rewards they learned during their course.


Our partnership gets your students one step closer to their dream clinic. Almost 50% of practitioners say they had no after course advice on what to do next.


Our Aesthetic Websites  give your practitioners the start they need towards running a successful clinic. The two-stage process takes them from a limited place to a valuable online destination.


A Few More Great Reasons Why We Should Partner!

  • The quicker practitioners have success, the more likely they are to retrain with your academy. 

  • We offer a £50 referral for every website purchased.

  • Recognition of the Academy with built-in links.


Stop settling and get exactly what you want for a great price.

Our package offers your students the perfect start towards their Aesthetic career. We position our websites to be cost-efficient, as they are easy to manage and grow as the practitioners' clinics becomes ever more successful.

  • Website Design including local SEO & Training

  • Social Media Link Set Up

  • Client Record App Integration

  • Digital Consultation Forms

  • Automated Email Set Up

  • *Optional COVID-19 Waiver Forms


What Do My Students Get?


Step 1. Send out the marketing with your confirmation email.

Step 2. Get Paid £50 once the practitioners have made their purchase

When you step into The Pond Parlor, you receive all of the marketing information you need to start helping your practitioners receive the business support and success their clinics deserve.

We provide an array of marketing materials that you can use to promote our services to your practitioners so that they know you're there to support them as they build an amazing and sustainable clinic.


Just a few of the promotional materials you can choose from:

  • Email banner

  • MPU for email confirmation

  • Website banner

  • PDF attachment

  • And much more


Email us today to get started and to receive your pack:

Your first student gets a website and consultation form for

Let's Get Started


The best time to tell your students about our great partnership is right from the start, exactly when you send out your confirmation information.

Getting your students to see that you are thinking about their career at the beginning of their journey and for the longterm, will ensure they understand that you are committed to supporting them. 

Our marketing materials are digital formats that can be emailed, texted or sent via, Whatsapp, to practitioners.

Email us today to get started and to receive your pack:


Your first student gets a website and consultation form for FREE*.