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At The Pond Parlor, we understand the power of captivating visuals in enhancing your social media presence. Our Social Media Content Filming and Training Days are designed to equip you with the skills and tools needed to create stunning photos and videos that resonate with your audience.

What We Do:

• 4 - 6 Hours of filming

• Minimum 50 videos

• Minimum 100 photos

• 30 Reels + captions

What We Offer:

Hands-On Filming Sessions:

Spend a day with our expert content creators who will guide you through the process of capturing high-quality photos and videos. Learn the secrets of lighting, framing, and composition to make your content stand out all using your mobile phone.

Personalised Training:

Our tailored training sessions focus on the unique needs of your clinic. Learn how to use your phone to its full potential, understand the basics of editing, and discover tips and tricks for consistent, engaging content.

Content Strategy Insights:

Gain insights into creating a cohesive content strategy that aligns with your brand identity. We’ll help you understand your clients, plan your content calendar, and use analytics to measure success.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your social media presence with professional content creation skills. Book your Social Media Content Filming and Training Day with The Pond Parlor now and start captivating your audience with every post.

Content Filming Day

  • Yes, we recommend at least two models for the day and will ensure the content taken can be posted to your page whilst making your clinic look busy

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