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Aftercare Blog/Vlog: Website Edition

How to write about your treatment aftercare in a blog/vlog for your new website

We have created a Blog/Vlog section on the website for you to use to write about your treatment care. This section has been created using Wix Blogs which means it can be done on the go using your mobile phone through the Wix Owners App.

How To Write Your Aftercare

Treatment aftercare is essential for your website, it is a place where your existing clients can get the crucial guide that they need as well as a way for new clients to find your clinic online. We have created a simple structure for you to follow for all your aftercare treatments making the content useful and searchable.

The Structure

Step 1. The Treatment Name & A Hook!

We would always start with the Treatment Name and then a quick question (juicy hook) such as How to Wash Your Face After A Chemical Peel. This tells Google that you are answering a question about the treatment and have all the information.

Step 2. Treatment Overview/ Introduction

Although the website has given the treatment information and details, if a potential client has clicked through to your blog page first they need to know they are in the right place.

Step 3. Create a Step by Step Guide

Google loves guides that show people how to do something using steps, if you can write your aftercare in steps so it is easy to follow you are mostly likely to rank higher in Google search.

Step 4. Using Video

It's no secret that video has taken the online world by storm and our prediction for 2023 is that voice activation such as Alexia & Siri will be huge players for online searching. By adding videos from your YouTube channel you will be providing visual actions with sound that your clients and potential clients can follow. Here is a quick link to show you how: ADDING YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO YOUR BLOG

Step 5. Treatment Q&A / FAQ’s

The easiest way to write your frequently asked section is to start with the Pre Treatment advice - DO’s: So what should clients be doing before they come into the clinic? How can they prepare for the treatment? We would then recommend creating a bullet point list of Post Treatment advice - DON'Ts such as:

  • Do not touch your face after the treatment

  • Use warm water only etc

Where to start?

Now that you know what to write you need a simple strategy that you can commit to in order to deliver all of treatment aftercare so your clients and potential clients can start interacting with your website. Here is our quick start guide on where and how to start:

  1. Write a list of all of your treatments

  2. Commit to writing one blog per week

  3. Try using the Wix app to make it easier for you (CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW)

  4. Don't forget to hit save & publish in the top right corner

  5. Buy our blog writing package (COMING SOON) - Email for more help:


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