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We break down what it's like to be a Parlor member and what you can expect - Welcome to The Parlor!

Foundation Social Media Posting Assistance

Our social media strategy is quite simply a takeover! We post to every social media platform to ensure your Brand has mass awareness including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, My Google Business, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. To start with, we want to get your content in a good place, so that when potential clients investigate who you are - we want them to see amazing content first. We will create an iCloud shared folder for you to start adding content, and in this case, more is more!

Our team take this into parts, we all spend at least 24 hours on social media each day, and we take the content you add to the folder and transform it into scroll-stopping Reels. Once the reel is made, we write the captions to suit your clients, we discuss not only anatomy but the journey of how you create stunning results highlighting why you have such a loyal client base.

At this stage you will be working closely with the whole team, each week you will be sent story and content ideas to help diversify what you produce. You will be added to your group WhatsApp where you can have full access to the team and ask as many related questions as you need.

So What can you expect from us at this time?

We are researching and refining the content every day, we spend a lot of time investigating what your clients like to see and what they want more of. During the posting assistance period, you can expect consistent quality posts across your social platforms, once a day, 7 days a week.

What should you be doing?

We asked practitioners what the most frustrating part of social posting is and what came up time and time again was TIME. Most practitioners have stressed that it can take them up to 1 hour just to make one 15-second video that gets a lukewarm response and they instantly feel depleted. Our posting assistance can save you on average 20 - 30 hours a week and with this time you can make your clinic grow even more.

Follow your clients, your clients are your biggest supporters and will engage with your profile and content consistently. If you haven't already, send them a WhatsApp with a link to your pages and remind them to follow you online to get access to your exclusive content. Simple interactions such as liking and commenting will ensure they always see your content in their feed. Remember to reshare what we have made to your story and also do at least 2 more stories each day.

Stories, we will send you story ideas every week that are designed to encourage your followers to engage. Add poll and question box stickers on every story, this will start a DM conversation be sure to reply to every comment and interaction when you can.

Join Facebook groups, remember to join as many local groups as possible and reshare your content as much as possible. Most of your local potential clients will be a part of some form of Facebook group that you can also extend your reach and brand awareness into.

Advanced Marketing

Welcome to Automatic Client Nurturing! Our advanced marketing strategy involves our Wix Partnership websites, designed to automate your client journey and most importantly the rewards. We have taken Word of mouth and given it a digital makeover, think Tesco Clubcard but for your clinic. Every time a client books on your website they are given instant reward points that add up to pounds off treatments, we treat this like a loyalty card stamp every time they book. But it doesn't end there. we then reward the client for every client they recommend to the clinic who books an appointment. This immediately makes your clinic more appealing to clients and provides value for their loyalty.

We also introduce email marketing, one of the most powerful inbound marketing strategies you can do for your clinic. Our email campaign strategies are designed to keep your diary filled, it works to constantly remind clients of your treatments and upcoming last-minute spots you have available.

And now our secret weapon, membership packages! Our websites host a direct debit ability to allow clients to subscribe for a monthly fee which is added to their account and can be redeemed at checkout on their next booking. Think of this like a monthly gym membership that your clients will use, we listened to the public and with the cost of living putting a little away each month with the clinics makes booking a lot easier; especially with multiple pay-later options.

What Should You Be Doing?

You've heard the saying you can take a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink. That's exactly what your website is, our posting to socials can only do so much. Whilst we set up and manage your advanced automation, we want you to encourage as many potential and existing clients to head to the website and use it.

Masterclass Marketing & Sales

Our final stage is Advertising and PR including Podcast subscription and Wholesale! We work very hard to ensure all your organic platforms and strategies work hard to grow your clinic and client list. We use the learning to advertise more effectively once we know the best type of client to attract and the content to produce. We will propel the clinic's brand by pushing more PR opportunities to expand you into more territories that can open new income streamlines such as Podcast subscriptions and Wholesale.

We don't oversell a dream, we are very real with our organic strategies and effective paid technique. This is a partnership and the most valuable business relationship your clinic will have.


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