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Parlor Pounds Rewards

How to get Social Media, Websites and Branding for FREE

Have March on us!

Welcome to Parlor Pound rewards, our new digital rewards scheme has been designed to save you money whilst getting you more bookings. In this video I am going to show you how to sign up for your FREE rewards account.

Simply head over to the Parlor website and tap the little present icon in the bottom right corner and the wallet Sign up screen will appear. Click become a lifelong saver here you can enter your email address and password. Just confirm you are not a bot and complete the simple check. Once filled in you will be sent a verification code to your chosen email, enter the code into the box provided then hit confirm and sign up.

This will refresh the screen

Tap sign in and the almost done screen will appear. Then hit Next and your account will load.

On this screen you will see Pay with Coin, My payment Codes, My Transactions and Social rewards. And right at the bottom is your earn link.

In my payment codes you will find all your vouchers. When you first login you will be given £25 worth of coins in a voucher code. When you click the code it will copy it ready to be added at checkout.

At the bottom of your wallet you will see 'Earn Rewards' this is your unique link to share with other practitioners and get you £25 added to your wallet.

For every practitioner who uses your code, we will add their balance as a reward to your wallet. So if a practitioner takes out our new social media package for £800 per month you will have this rewarded to your wallet or off your invoice. You can also use the balance to purchase more products from The Parlor Shop!

Time to save some coins and grow with us!


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