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Wix Bookings lets you decide exactly when you and your staff members are available to provide appointments.

Understanding when clients can book your appointments may be a little confusing, because several different factors affect availability.

To manage your business hours, Wix Bookings offers a two-level system.

First, set your default work hours which apply to all staff by default. Then you can set individual staff members' hours to offer a more flexible service to clients.

Syncing Your Apple Calendar

Sync Wix Bookings with your Apple Calendar (iCal) to view your personal and business appointments in one place. This way, you can keep track of your schedule, avoid double bookings and arrange for cover when needed. In this article, learn more about:

  • Syncing Wix Bookings with your Apple Calendar

  • FAQs

Syncing Wix Bookings with your Apple calendar Sync your Apple calendar with Wix Bookings from the Booking calendar in the dashboard. Make sure to follow the on-screen instructions to set up your app-specific password on the Apple website. Before you begin:Make sure you upgrade to a Premium plan to sync your personal calendar with Wix Bookings. To sync Wix Bookings with your Apple calendar:

  1. Go to the Booking Calendar in your site's dashboard.

  2. Click the More Actions drop-down in the top right.

  3. Click Sync Personal Calendar.

  4. Select the relevant account you want to sync.

  5. Click Sync beside Import your Apple Calendar Events.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and sign in to

  7. Click App-Specific Passwords in the Sign-In and Security section.

  8. Click Generate Password.

  9. Enter your Apple ID.

  10. Enter the app-specific password you created above.

  11. Click Connect.

  1. Select the checkboxes beside each Apple Calendar you wish to sync with Wix Bookings.

  2. (Optional) Enable the Export Booking Calendar events toggle to display your bookings sessions on your Apple Calendar.

  3. Click Sync.

After syncing, your personal appointments from your Apple Calendar now block off time in your Bookings calendar. Your Bookings sessions are also visible in your Apple calendar.


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