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How To Go Live With Your Website - Hosting Plan Edition

Ready to feel empowered? It's time to take control!

We believe in brand empowerment and unlike most developers we don't hold your website hostage under our control.

To get started please ensure you are using a desktop or laptop - mobile is not available at this time.

Wix Invitation

You will receive a transfer invitation from Wix, this is for you to have full control over your website - hit accept and watch the magic start to happen!

New to Wix?

Head to and create an account

Welcome to the easiest website platform you will ever use, the Wix dashboard has been designed with you in mind. It is easy to navigate and the commands are listed in chronological order of use. To get started you will be asked to create an account using your email address and a password.

Already with Wix?

If you are already a Wix member the website will instant appear in your dashboard ready for a hosting plan and domain.

Welcome To The Wix Dashboard

On the dashboard you will see all the commands on the right panel and the website information under the picture preview of your site.

What is a Hosting Plan?

Web hosting is an online service that makes your website's content accessible on the internet. When you purchase a hosting plan, you are renting space on a physical server to store all the website's files and data.

To get your website live you will need to purchase a hosting plan from Wix.

Click 'Compare Plans'

Choosing a Hosting Plan

You will then be taken to the Hosting Plan purchase page a presented with a few options.

Select Business Unlimited for £8.50 per month, this plan gives you the flexibility to grow your website without any restrictions

Billing Cycle

This is your contractual obligation to Wix and how you would like to pay for your hosting plan, I would recommend that for the first month you select monthly as this gives you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan through out the year.


Once you have selected the plan you will be presented with the payment screen!

Once purchased we can now focus on buying and connecting.

Now you are ready to get a new domain or connect an existing one - click here and lets get moving!


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