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In this guide we will show you how to add treatments to your website!

Adding Treatments with your Wix Owner App

Head over to the Wix owner app and click the MANAGE button in the bottom right corner. On the second screen scroll all the way down and select CONTENT MANAGER

This will bring up your category collection of treatments, this is the easiest option that allows you to add, or amend as many treatments as you need without having to build new website pages. In the Content Manager, you can display the collection content in table, list, and gallery formats.

How to add a treatment

We have built your website so that you can easily and quickly grow it with your clinic. Head over the content manager on the Wix Owner app

  1. Click into the category of where you would like to add the treatment

  2. Tap Add New Item at the bottom of the page

  3. Fill in the details

  4. Hit save

  5. This is now live on the website!

You can add up to 1000 treatments without having to build a new page making your life much easier

How to change a treatment

  1. Click the category where your treatment is located

  2. Click the treatment

  3. Here you can change the image, duration, recovery ,description and price (you may have other titles in here you can change). The order refers to how it appears on the the website.

  4. Once you have made your amends - click save.

Making a New Category

In order to make a new category we will need to build a new page, book the website in with today!

Adding and updating items

The Content Manager allows you to easily add and update items in your collection.

To add new items:

In any of the views (table, list, or gallery), click + Add Item at the top of the screen.

To update items:

  • Table format: Update items directly in the grid. Or, click Open in the first column to update an item in a form.

  • List and gallery format: Hover over and item and click Open to open the item in a form.

Adding Treatments via the Wix dashboard on your Desktop

At its most basic, the Content Manager is a central location to store and manage all of your site content. The Content Manager lets you manage content in one central place, and then display it on many pages. You can display your content in elements such as repeaters, with the same design and a variety of content. This approach is ideal for listings, portfolios, recipes, services, and more.

With the Content Manager, you minimize the amount of effort to build and manage your site. At the same time, you maintain your SEO standards. As a result, you keep visibility in search engines such as Google, no matter how much content you have.

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