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Whether you need to add a new course, products or selected treatments this article will walk you through it step by step

Start building your online store by creating your products.

Wix Stores gives you the flexibility to sell both physical products (like posters), as well as digital, downloadable products (such as eBooks, audio files, or images). This article will walk you through how to create physical products.

Step 1 | Add a product image, GIF, or video

Displaying multiple, high-quality product images for each product is one of the best ways to increase sales. Learn more

The product images, GIFs, or videos you add appear in the product gallery and on the product page.

To add product media:

  1. Go to Products in your site's dashboard.

  2. Click +New Product.

  3. Select Physical.

  4. Select an option:

    • Click Add Images to add images or GIFs.

    • Click Add Videos to add a video.

  1. Select the relevant images, GIFs, or videos in the Media Manager or click Upload Media to add new media.

  2. Click Add to Page.

Step 2 | Enter the basic product info

Add the basic product details, such as the product name and description.

To enter the basic product information:

1. Enter the product name (max. 80 characters).

2. Optional) Add a ribbon by typing the ribbon name (e.g. New). You can select ribbons you used before from the list. Tip: The ribbon appears in the product gallery.

STEP 3. Enter a description of the product in the Description field. (maximum 8000 characters)

Tip: When copying and pasting a description from another source, paste the text by pressing Shift +Ctrl + V on your keyboard. This removes any formatting to make sure the text displays correctly.

Wix Stores: Adding a Product in the Wix Owner App

You can add new products to your store on the go using the Wix Owner app. No need to open your computer - you can do it right from your phone.

  • To add a store product:

  • Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.

  • Tap Manage at the bottom.

  • Tap Products under Business.

  • Tap + Add a Product at the bottom.

  • Add an image, GIF, or video.

  • Enter the product name.

  • Enter the product price.

Do any of the following:

  • Add a discount

  • Add a product description

  • Add a ribbon

  • Create one or more info sections

  • Add the product to one or more categories

  • Create product options

  • Manage how you track inventory for this product

  • Tip: Tap the Barcode Scanner icon to add the product's barcode as your SKU.

  • Add this product to a tax group you created

  • Manage who fulfils this product

  • Hide the product from your online store.

  • Tap Save

Editing products:

  • To quickly locate a product you want to update, you can do any of the following:

  • Tap the Filter icon to filter products.

  • Tap the Barcode Scanner icon to scan the product's barcode. If you have a product with an SKU number that matches the barcode, the product opens.

Set inventory options

Wix Stores offers two ways to manage inventory:

  • Tracking inventory: Track how many of a specific product you have in stock. When you make a sale, the inventory amount is automatically updated.

  • In Stock / Out of Stock: You can manually set products an "In Stock" or "Out of Stock" status. When you run out of a product, you manually change the status to "Out of Stock".

Note: After you create product options, you can manage inventory for each variant. Learn more

To manage inventory:

  1. Select an inventory option:

    • Do not track inventory:

      1. Disable the Track Inventory toggle.

      2. From the Status drop-down, select the product's current inventory status.

      3. (Optional) Enter an SKU.

      4. (Optional) Enter a weight. Note: Make sure to enter a weight if you offer shipping by weight.

  • Track inventory

    1. Enable the Track Inventory toggle.

    2. Enter the amount of the product available in the Inventory field.

    3. (Optional) Enter an SKU.

    4. (Optional) Enter a weight. Note: Make sure to enter a weight if you offer shipping by weight.

Adding Product Options Using the Wix Owner App

Use the Wix owner app to add product options to your products. Any changes you make appear live on your site. What are product options?Product options are different selections customers can choose for a specific product, such as the product's size or color. Learn more To add product options:

Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.

  1. Tap Manage at the bottom.

  2. Tap Product under Business.

  3. Tap to select the relevant product.

  4. Tap +Add Options.

  5. Tap Add Options again.

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