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Keep control of your schedule each day by requiring approval for your appointments.

Many academies or clinics want to manage who can book an appointment before taking any payment, this allows you to manually manage your diary especially if you are operating as an academy and a clinic.

How clients make a booking request

When clients view an appointment service, they see a "Request to Book" button instead of a "Book Now" button. After selecting a date and time and completing the booking form, your client confirms the request to book. They then receive an email that their request was submitted.

Responding to requests

When you receive an appointment request, you get notified via email and in your dashboard. The pending appointment also appears in your booking calendar so you can see if it works with the rest of your schedule.

To respond to a request:

  1. Go to Booking Calendar in your site's dashboard.

  2. Click the pending appointment.

  3. Select an option:

    • To approve the request: Click Approve.

    • To make changes before approving:

      1. Click Approve With Reschedule.

      2. Change the staff member, date, or time of the booking.

      3. (Optional) Enter a note to yourself (not visible to the client).

      4. Select or deselect the Notify participant with an email checkbox.

        • (When selected) Add a message to your client explaining why the booking details were changed.

Click Save Changes.

  • To decline the request:

    1. Click the Decline button.

    2. Select or deselect the Notify client with an email checkbox.

      • (When selected) Add a message to your client explaining why the booking was declined.

  1. Click Yes, Decline Session.

What's next?

As soon as you approve or decline an appointment booking request, your client receives an email informing them about the status of the booking.

Taking Payment

Once you have approved the booking you will be given the option to send an invoice for payment. Hit send and the client will receive the email where they can select pay and it will take them to your payment screen where they can with all your payment options.


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