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Boosting Client Loyalty with Wix Loyalty & Rewards

How to turn clients into Your Best Sales Team

In the competitive world of aesthetic treatments, retaining clients and attracting new ones is crucial for sustained growth. Wix Loyalty & Rewards is a powerful tool that can help you achieve this by rewarding clients for their loyalty and encouraging them to refer others to your clinic. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of offering points rewards and how Wix has simplified the management of these programmes through its app.

 Rewards: The Power of Points

Offering points rewards for booking treatments is a proven strategy to increase client loyalty and boost bookings. By incentivising your clients with points that they can redeem for money off their next booking, you create a win-win situation. Clients feel valued and are more likely to return, while you benefit from increased repeat business.

Benefits of Points Rewards:

- Increased Client Retention: Clients are more likely to return if they know they will be rewarded for their loyalty.

- Higher Average Spend: Clients may book more treatments or spend more on each visit to accumulate points faster.

- Enhanced Client Satisfaction: Rewarding clients for their loyalty makes them feel appreciated and valued.

Managing Rewards with Wix:

Wix has made it incredibly easy to manage your points rewards programme through the Wix app. With just a few taps, you can track rewards making the process seamless for both you and your clients. We have found that rewarding clients £1 for every booking and £5 for signing up to the website is a great way to help them build points. They can see all their points in their own member's area on the website.

Loyalty: Turning Clients into a Sales Team

Word of mouth has always been a powerful marketing tool, and Wix has transformed it with a digital makeover. By giving your clients a unique code to share with friends and family, you can turn them into a dynamic sales team. This strategy not only helps grow your clinic but also rewards your loyal clients for referring others.

Benefits of Referral Codes:

- New Client Acquisition: Referred clients are more likely to book treatments, expanding your client base.

- Cost-Effective Marketing: Referral programmes are a low-cost way to market your services.

- Increased Client Engagement: Clients enjoy sharing their positive experiences and earning rewards for referrals.

Managing Referrals with Wix:

Wix’s booking system makes it straightforward to manage referral programmes. Clients can easily share their unique codes, and you can track referrals and rewards through the Wix app. The client will receive £25 for every referral they send and the referral will also get £25 once they book an appointment. This is automated in your dashboard and can be monitored here too.


Implementing a robust loyalty and rewards programme can significantly enhance client retention and attract new clients to your aesthetic practice. With Wix Loyalty & Rewards, managing points rewards and referral programmes is easier than ever. By offering points for bookings and leveraging referral codes, you can create a loyal client base that not only returns for more treatments but also helps grow your business by referring others.

Start using Wix Loyalty & Rewards today and watch your clinic thrive!


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