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Maddie Crichton-Fuller



Parlor Brands

Aesthetic 💉Brand Design Agency


✨Web Design & ✨Social Media Pages for ✨#aestheticpractitioners

Combining my two passions was a no brainer for me! When I was working with large corporate brands I always found that the creative was terrible and definitely didn't inspire me to want to purchase or book any services. Founding The Pond Parlor allowed me to put my digital skills into practice as well as allowing me to expand my design skills.


I am starting to notice that what I did in my teenage years didn't work in my 20's. What I did in 20's isn't working in my mid to late 30's 😅.

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Free Yoga

Bringing personality to life

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I am obsessed with fashion and everything and my audience love watching and shopping the brands I partner with. My style is all about sustainability and I love filming and sharing all the great items that get sent and shared with me.

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