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We design and build Aesthetic websites for practitioners who want to get online with a stunning site that represents their brand and takes care of business.

Our websites follow an artistic approach to design, maximising a single page layout. We understand how digital media can be intimidating, which is why our websites are easy for the practitioner to manage and why a branded website functions as the ultimate skincare destination for your clients to experience.


Stage One

We like to keep things simple. Our first stage ensures that you get exactly what you want!

Once the mock up is approved, we ask for a £99.99 deposit to proceed with the design. And, once payment has been received, we continue on with your project to stage 2.

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Stage Two

At this stage, we start to pull together all the key elements that will make your website a showstopper.

Stage two requires: the content, consultation questions and legal documents such as policies and agreements. 

Spill the Tea

Content is split into 4 parts to make it easy to write and send.

Pack me up

Finish off with legal documents and certificates.

Smart Forms

Your consultation questions will be digitised for ease.

Get Launched

Time to get online, show off your powerful brand and attract your target audience!



Single & ready to mingle

The problem with web developers today is that they don't think of who will be managing the website.

A fabulous website often comes with a hefty price tag and the big question - who is going to manage it?


Just like a good skincare routine, it takes time and effort to learn what works and why. The average website maintenance costs £500 - £1,500 per month. Our belief is that a single page website can be stunning to look at and easy to manage. The single page allows the practitioner to learn how to manage one page which saves costs.

- The Pond Parlor

  • Stunning website design

  • Hippa Compliant, two step verification with e signature digital consultation form

  • Local SEO optimisation

  • Monthly Google Analytics reports

  • Client record management system

  • Notes and upload options

  • Membership packages

  • Create Email campaigns

  • Create discount vouchers

  • Manage and write blogs on the go in app

  • Notes and upload options

  • Create branded social media posts

  • Connects with your booking system

  • Integrate social media feed & Google Reviews

The introduction of GDPR & COVID19 has meant that clinics need to start thinking about how they collect and store data.

GDPR requires that client data be kept private in terms of how it is disposed of, produced and managed. Paper documents can be accessed easily by the wrong people, resulting in potential data breaches.





We have created a hybrid consultation form that encapsulates all of your treatments, medical history and skin analysis questions. This means you can consolidate all of your forms into one form that asks all the right questions.  You're able to streamline your consultation and consent process easily and efficiently.

The forms can be emailed, texted, shared via social media, or embedded on your website—making it easy for clients to access the form prior to their appointment.

And, our advanced COVID-19 forms are unlike any other on the market.  These forms include both consultation and COVID-19 sections to ensure clients are safe and well to treat. 

The digital aspect of the forms removes the risk of spreading the virus through paper and clipboard contact, whilst ensuring the clinic is not in breach of mishandling data.



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