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Aesthetic Marketing

The goal of Aesthetic Marketing is to auto-generate clients so you can predict your income and scale your clinic. In order to do this you must cover the basics.

Stage 1: Building Brand Awareness

  • Website

  • Digital Consultation forms

  • Social Media Organic posting

  • Aftercare Online Guide

  • Retail Email Marketing


As a new practitioner in order to start and build your clinic you should focus on brand awareness. Building your reputation will generate clients and help you to establish your presence.

As an established practitioner you will have over 2,000 followers on Instagram & Facebook and will now need to try as many platforms as possible to see which one(s) generate the most bookings .

At this stage it is important that you commit both time and a monetary budget to advertising at scale and promotional material. Your focus will be 60% on nurturing your existing clients list and 40% on generating new clients. The business will rely on the existing client and use new clients to test and experience new channels of marketing and sales.

What to expect from your clients:

Clients will be expecting a full branded experience that caters to their beauty needs making your clinic a part of their lifestyle. These clients book a treatment every 4-6 weeks and are happy to pay for courses of treatments in advance. 

At this stage most clinics hire social media managers to manage the accounts with a clear brief of growth expectations based on the brand message.

Stage 2: Growth and Scale

  • Website

  • Digital Consultation forms

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Aftercare Online Guide

  • Retail Email Marketing

  • PR

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Podcast

  • Advertising

  • Ebooks

  • Goodybags

  • Beauty Boxes

  • Membership

  • Events / Promotions