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The Only Website Quiz Made Exclusively for Aesthetic Practitioners/Estheticians

Get a Beautiful Website that Leads to More Bookings

As an esthetician, you know how easy it is to get overwhelmed when you have too many options.

That’s why we, as aesthetic practitioners, are valued by our clients as experts, given that they have a vast array of options to choose from when it comes to beauty services and skincare products.

And, as a licensed esthetician/marketing professional who has partnered with a brilliant website designer, guidance is what we offer you, as an aesthetic practitioner.

So many clients come to us because they fall in love with our website templates or designs, we’ve created for other clients (ahem, Natalie Page), but aren’t quite sure which website is right for them.

And, then, sometimes, there’s also the confusion that if they choose a template, that means that they’re going to get that exact same site.

We’ve decided to make things fun and simple by creating a quiz that helps you find your best website style.

While social media platforms are amazing tools to promote your business, they cannot take the place of having a website that you own—your virtual and valuable real estate space, that if set up and executed correctly, can deliver exponential results.

When you have a website that works for you, it’s your support, your representative and trusted friend who will stand in for you when you’re not available to speak to someone directly.

And, it’s often the first impression clients get of you.

Basically, you should think of your website as your best friend. She’s there to sing your praises and be an advocate for the amazing value you bring to your clients.

Our quiz helps you get a sense of which website template is best for you—it’s the inspiration we use—when we customize it in order to reflect the beauty of your brand, making it totally yours.

So, ask yourself: how do you want your website-bestie to let people know about: who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer?

Let our website quiz help you discover those answers.


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