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The Parlor Guide to Virtual Consultations for Your Clinic

This week on Parlor Talk, we cover all the latest platforms you can use to do virtual consultations and their strengths and weaknesses.

Whatsapp Business works for our clients, but you may find Zoom, Skype or even Facetime to be a better fit!

When it comes to offering virtual consultations for your clients, which online platform is your preference?

FaceTime—if you have an iPhone or another Apple device, (and your clients do too) this option is a no brainer. Apple devices automatically come with FaceTime, so you do not need to install anything, and you can easily start a video chat with your clients in the same way you make a phone call or write a text message.

To get started using FaceTime, schedule a time for your consultation and add your client’s name and phone number to your contacts. Doing this makes it easier when you go to make your video call.

Skype This application is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. To use this application, you must download and install Skype on your computer or mobile, and your client must also have Skype installed as well, and Skype-to-Skype calls are free.

When you use Skype, you and your client can easily do a virtual consultation as well as use their file sharing feature. You can also share screens, if you or your client need to see a specific document, photo or video located on the other’s computer or device.

Additionally, you can record, save and share your video calls with your clients to keep in your virtual records.

ZoomUsing Zoom is free and easy. It works on Mac and Windows-based computers, and you can also use it on your phone. When using this application for your virtual consultations, you’ll want to create an account so you can send out meeting links when you need.

Once you download Zoom to your computer or phone, you choose Schedule a Meeting and from there, you copy the link given and you can text, email, or share the link via social media, for your client.

WhatsApp BusinessJust like its counterpart, WhatsApp, generally used for personal communications, WhatsApp Business is free to download and use, and according to their site, “built with the small business owner in mind.” It’s an excellent resource for estheticians to use when you want to showcase your products and services. And, it’s great to use when you need to conduct virtual consultations.

As an esthetician, you can create a business profile and share your website and email address, as well as your mailing address.

If a client contacts you when you’re unavailable, you can send an automatic response that you’ll respond to them when you can.

You can also create unique greeting messages to introduce your potential customers to your business so that they might consider booking a virtual consultation with you. And, WhatsApp is where you want to be—over 1 billion people actively use this app. Virtual consultations are becoming standard and invaluable, so to stay in touch with your clients and to send valuable information, try one of these 4 platforms so you’re just within reach of your clients.

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