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The Only Consultation Form You'll Ever Need

Who has the time to sift through files and paperwork to find that one informed consent form for a client? And, why does there have to be so many treatment consent forms in the first place?

Of course you have to protect yourself, your business and your client--making sure they are aware of potential treatment risks, but we've found a solution. You only need ONE form that:

  • Asks all of the right questions

  • Provides all of the treatment consents you need

  • Has a COVID-19 waiver built in

Pinterest has some beautifully designed esthetician consultation forms, but they're all paper.

And, do we really need to have a forms bundle when you can have ONE easy, beautifully designed form that can be customized to your brand?! Now, we know that going paperless can seem a little scary at first, but a paperless environment is now a reality and a necessity, in light of COVID-19.

As a result, we have developed a digital version of the consultation and consent forms, and a COVID-19 liability waiver, combining them all into one smart and simple form we call—The Compact.

The Compact form includes:

  • Standard Demographic questions (name, location, contact details, etc.)

  • Medical History questions

  • Diet and Health questions

  • COVID-19 Liability Waiver (used to release your business of legal responsibility in regards to possible coronavirus exposure)

  • Treatment Consent forms

The Compact form works for all of your clientele--whether a new client or one of your regulars.

This unique form asks just the right questions so that each client is shown only the most appropriate and relevant questions.

Your existing clients will be prompted to only complete the COVID-19 section and the consent form for their treatment.

New clients will complete the COVID-19 waiver and answer questions around: demographics (name, location, contact details, etc.); medical history questions, and diet and health questions.

The Compact form has everything you need, including intelligence, and get this, it's HIPAA compliant (which means that sensitive client information is secure and protected).

The Benefits

  • Minimize contact in the clinic

  • Reduce the risk of virus spread

  • Send form to clients via: text, email or social media

  • Form can be embedded on your website

  • Collect client answers and necessary data

We love creating The Compact form for our esthetician/aesthetic practitioner clients because we see how much time it saves them.

When clients fill in The Compact form before they arrive, you’re able to give them more treatment time and address their needs without feeling rushed.

We Can Help You . . .

Go paperless with beautiful forms that represent your brand. We've created pre-made forms where we can add your logo, specific image or videos that reflect your brand.

Or we can design a completely customized form that showcases your brand's beauty.

Transform your paper consultation forms into easy-to-use digital forms that collect all the data you need, saving you time and money.


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