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Wild Things I’ve Heard as an Esthetician—Help Tame Your Clients with Your Esthetician Product Box

We can never get enough of Madi Hearts sharing her, “Wild Things I’ve Heard as an Esthetician” stories.

Watch Sophie and Madi’s quick duet video below.

Hilarious and so true.

Sophie cracks up because she is that client and I (Tiffany) crack up because, as an esthetician, I’ve heard similar wild things clients use on their skin.

It’s not the clients' fault. Because sometimes, as they say, “you don’t know what you don’t know,” so you can use wild moments that are cringeworthy for you, as opportunities to “tame” the skincare practices of clients and “train” them in the skin way that they should go. 😇🙏😇🙏

Two fun ways you can do this:

1. A quiz

2. A product box

Give Clients Value by Validating Them

We all love learning about ourselves, so can create positive reinforcement by showing your client how you are here to partner with them on their skincare journey and be an absolute support for their beauty needs.

They will see your suggestions and recommendations as their care package, one that you have created especially with them in mind.

You can do this verbally and in person, of course, but you can reach more clients, even potential clients when you have a quiz they can take any time.

The quiz functions almost like you’re diagnosing their issue and then leads them into a prescription where you’re “prescribing” or recommending the proper solution, by way of your skincare products—this is where your product boxes come in.

Take our quiz, linked at the bottom of this page, to get an idea of how you can create a quiz.

Give Clients Real Solutions

Once clients take your quiz, they find out their results which are designed to showcase your product recommendations and suggestions—strengthening the connection that you have with your client.

Based upon the results your clients receive, they will learn about their skincare personality or type and then discover the right product box that addresses their needs.

Here are some benefits of using a quiz for your aesthetics business.

Product boxes are an excellent way to stay connected with your client, show your expert knowledge and increase your retail in unique and effortless ways.

Taking Action

Start grouping products together in order to create small packages that address various skin concerns. You can always start with small packages and then add to them, as needed, based upon your clients’ needs.

Once you have at least 3 small product boxes in mind, we can then help you create a quiz that reflects these product recommendations.

Together, the product boxes and quiz are amazing ways to help your client reach their goals quicker, and in a more personalized manner that is pretty efficient for you and mutually beneficial for both you and your client.

Take the Quiz

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