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Estheticians: 4 Ideas for Beautifying Your Instagram Feed and Attracting Your Audience

You know it, we know it: aesthetics is a visual field, all about beauty.

And, we love this fact, we’re drawn to it, just like your audience is, especially since they’re most likely on Instagram, consuming beauty, and, at times, using it, as an opportunity to search for an esthetician just like you.

So, are you wowing them with images that connect not only with their eyes, but with their heart and soul? Do your visuals help to capture potential clients by setting a mood? Are they able to place themselves in the visual story you’ve created?

First Impression

Your Instagram feed might be the first introduction prospective clients get of your brand and you don’t want to disappoint. As the old adage says, “image is everything” so make sure your feed leaves just the right impression.

We use a variety of tools to help create visually stunning Instagram posts. However, our main go-to is, Canva Pro. As an esthetician/aesthetic practitioner, Canva is a dream for branding your Instagram feed easily and beautifully. You can stay true to your brand’s fonts and colors, and you can manipulate templates to create exactly what you need to connect with your audience.

Check out our list below . . .

Supercharge Your Instagram Feed in 4 Easy Steps:

1.Ditch the filters.

Dreamy feeds are beautiful, but your clients want to see the real deal. So forget the filter and focus on showing off the face (or other areas) that you’re working on.

Look how CB Skin Therapies & Aesthetics shows off work to clients.

2. Pick your colors.

Create your Instagram feed around your brand colors. When you do this, you build consistency and showcase a cohesive, eye-catching feed, like our friend, Natalie Page of Natalie Page Aesthetics.

She uses her brand color pink in the majority of her posts, including all of her treatment shots which not only reflect this brand color, but showcase her amazing work.

Choose Your Colors Now:

We love that Canva Pro lets you create brand color palettes which makes building a consistent color theme for your Instagram feed super easy.

Don’t have brand colors or want to liven yours up?

These Instagram templates are ready to go. Check these posts out for inspiration or make them your own.

3. Pack a punch with a color-blocked theme.

When you pick your colors, you don’t have to stick to just one.

You can create a number of different color palettes so that you have a range of color schemes to work from. Changing colors can help keep your feed creative while still keeping a cohesive flow between new color blocks. Our own Instagram feed, @thepondparlor, is a good example of color blocking.

Look at how our profile showcases a set of posts in the same color, but then starts to gradually change the hue, creating a subtle transition between colors.

4. Inform and educate with visual data.

We definitely recommend showing off beautiful images of your work and brand, but Instagram is also an amazing platform to share quick tips and info, presented via infographics. Savanna Boda, better known as @thedallasaesthetician is a master at this. She uses Instagram to share stunning infographics about skincare, products, tips and other skincare essentials.

Share Your Knowledge

So, you don’t have to save all of your skincare knowledge for the Instagram captions, you can present useful information and fun facts by using tools and templates in Canva to convey valuable data and guidelines that your followers will be grateful to learn.

See how Savanna highlights complex skin issues in an engaging way?

Ready to Try?

Why not share your skincare expertise in your very own infographic? Try creating one that matches your brand with these unique templates.

Need Help?

Starting a CanvaPro account will help give you access to all of the art, tools and templates you need to start creating a beautiful Instagram feed that you’ll be proud to show off to your audience.

And, we love how our client and friend, Rebecca Gladman, of Rebecca Gladman Aesthetics, supercharged her Instagram feed and perfected her brand by using Canva tools, while allowing the website we created for her, to inspire the beautiful brand confidence you see reflected in her lovely posts.

We used a shot of her Instagram feed, as our first photo in this article, to reflect a beautiful feed that is working well to attract her audience and increase her bookings.

Get Help

If you need a little more guidance, we can help create a brand template for your Instagram feed that will give you the jumpstart you need towards beautifying your brand.