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How to Show Treatments to Get More Bookings

Yes, it’s that simple. Show more and you’ll get more. Show off the treatments that you give to clients so that others can imagine the possibilities of getting those same services and the amazing benefits they’ll receive.

This is a prime example of, “show, don’t tell," like our quick video below.

While we all love hearing about the fancy features found in skincare ingredients and knowing how these ingredients can help our skin, there is nothing like showing the treatment, up-close-and-personal, so clients know what to expect.

Cultivate Trust

When they see your process and how you work, they are able to trust what they’re seeing, and that trust will make them want to book.

It’s the perfect form of escapism, like Sophie says in our quick video we originally posted to our Instagram page.

So, watch this treatment video to see what clients are loving and how you can do something similar.

Are you posting treatment videos? Did you post one today?

Sharing more posts like this will help increase your bookings and build your community.

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