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How To Keep Your Course Safe With The Pond Parlor & Wix

Sign up Security: Why are students asked to sign up?

This is a security method as the students will only be able to access the course once they are logged in. It recognises devices and will often ask you for permission if the system detects multiple logins from the one account.

Automated Email:

I design the automated email that summarises for your students the course they have paid for. I will include the remaining practical day balance that students can pay once they have completed the online course. The course portal is a secondary security stage, it lists all the courses but will only permit students to enter the course they have paid for.

Course Page: Why add the course instead of a download?

I would recommend that we create individual course pages this can host video, images, download links and all the course content. This will ensure your course cannot be accessed by anyone who has not paid for the course. Please note if you include a download link we have no way of protecting the content and this could be shared.

Course Access Duration:

30-day access is granted for the course pages for students, they will have to make a formal request directly to you for an extension. Again, this is an added security measure so the course cannot be accessed by non-paying students.