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How to Use TikTok for Your Aesthetics Business

And, No, You Don’t Have to Dance

Think TikTok is just for the youngsters? Or just not right for you? Well, think again.

TikTok is the new popular kid in school, the one whose popularity can rub off on you if you make a move to say, “hey,” introduce yourself and share what you’re into.

So, let this quick guide be your icebreaker because it’s time to open up and check out this new friend, possibly your newest bestie.

What is TikTok?

It’s a cool platform, focused on video, where you can highlight the treatments that you offer, give skincare tips, share your personality and so much more.

And, one of the coolest things about it is that it helps to massively grow your audience, increase engagement, drive traffic to your site and reach millions of people—yes—MILLIONS of people!

Should I Be Using TikTok?

Did you read the part about reaching MILLIONS of people? And, if you need another impressive number: 2 billion. TikTok has had more than 2 billion downloads. With almost the whole world on this app, you can definitely find your people.

From educational videos to beauty reveals, there are limitless ways you as an esthetician or aesthetic practitioners can use TikTok to get the word out about your brand and your expertise.

Take Madi, from @madihearts, for example. She’s an esthetician from Texas who started creating videos on TikTok last year. She has amassed 273.6k followers and 7.5 million likes.

She discusses humorous interactions with clients, provides witty skincare tips and does a roundup of best products. She’s a great person to drawn inspiration upon.

The Key: You can literally generate millions of views with 0 followers just from posting one video showing you giving a treatment. Plus, you can share the video directly to your Instagram feed.

What are Practitioners Posting?

Everything that you’d see other estheticians posting on Instagram is exactly what clinics are posting on TikTok. Treatments will always be considered one of the best forms of original content for you to post in order to grow your clinic and get more bookings.

Madi, as mentioned above, answers skincare questions from her followers, for instance.

Another esthetician, Lindsay Villarreal, on TikTok as @labelmelindsay, has a mix of funny videos around skincare and clients, but showcases a lot of videos on “poppin’ pimples,” as her TikTok profile highlights.

Here are 5 tips to help you use TikTok for your aesthetics business, and start growing your audience.

TikTok Tip #1: Get Comfy

Just like you want your clients to get comfy with you and the treatment you’re about to perform, it’s time for you to find your happy place on this platform.

So, first, take a look around.

Start here: Explore the Discovery tab and start following aesthetic and skincare hashtags to see what other aesthetic practitioners are doing.

And, also make sure to look at the types of content that other industries are creating and see if you can incorporate some ideas for your aesthetics brand. You might be inspired. Like, how are chefs or food brands discussing their key ingredients? In what unique ways are fashion brands integrating their products into the original videos that they’re creating.

Experiment: TikTok has a variety of unique effects and tools that you can experiment with in order to create different transitions. So, play around with these effects to see what works best for sharing your brand.

Perhaps your comfort level isn't one that requires you talk a lot. A wildly popular esthetician, Anna Babayan reels you in with addictive music and irresistible skincare videos.

TikTok Tip #2: Show Off Your Specialty

TikTok users really like to follow accounts that connect with them and that they find unique. And, we know that aesthetics, in general, is unique, but with the growing number of practitioners emerging on the scene, how can you best set yourself apart from the competition. You can do this by focusing on a signature service that you provide or hone in on a niche topic that you have a different perspective on, one that goes against the grain.

When you focus on sharing content around a signature service or perspective, you can make an impact and cultivated a niche following.

And, choosing a specific topic is also super helpful because you can go deep and focus on particular aspects of your clinic.

If you have a unique approach to cleansing the skin, massaging, product application, etc., then show it off, especially if clients have vocalized their enjoyment or shared with you their results. You could potentially become known to TikTok as the go-to account for things related to your niche or signature.

@ambernicolew221 focuses on discussing signature products and practices, like lymphatic drainage.

TikTok Tip #3: Deciding When You’ll Post

Just like with a new friend or a client, you want the communication to be consistent, and that’s exactly what TikTok expects. When first starting off, posting more than once a day could be a strain, so start slow, but remain steady.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to be ever present, but show up indeed.

Try posting 3-5 times per week and then work your way up from there once you gain momentum.

Remember, your audience really cares about content that informs them, or inspires them in some way, so taking minimal breaks from time to time, could leave them with bated breath, captive for content that only you can provide.

Take for instance, esthetician Sean Garrette's TikTok which doesn't have a massive amount of posts, but who has tons of engagement. And, might we add, he is part of Rihanna's Fenty team.

TikTok Tip #4: Personality Trumps Perfection

Oftentimes we go to Instagram when we need to feast on beautiful feeds and consume inspirational content that is perfectly lit and has a cohesive, predictable aesthetic, but not necessarily the case with TikTok.

Sure, be inspirational, but in a different way. TikTok welcomes imperfections, flaws, quirkiness, awkward moments, and you unfiltered—personality-wise.

TikTok users love to see raw personalities, enjoy bold personalities and people who just keep it real. It really is a place to be yourself and have fun. And, if you’re an introvert, you can share that fact and expect for people to gravitate to you because you’ve shared your truth.

Being real fosters connection and creates more community.

Checkout this esthetician who enjoys displaying a little silliness.

TikTok Tip #5: Create a Beauty Challenge

TikTok is known for creating viral challenges, so why not create your own?

Highlight your brand in a way that ties it to a cause or something fans of the aesthetics industry can get behind. Especially in the times of COVID-19, when so many estheticians have been ordered to close, encourage your audience to raise awareness that aesthetic treatments go beyond beauty, but are wellness practices.

Or, just create something fun around aesthetics that can connect with others. Challenges are also easy to cross-promote on Instagram, which helps encourage that audience to become a part of your TikTok community.

In these challenging times, it’s smart to find a number of different and unique ways to connect with your audience wherever they are.

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