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How an Esthetician Consultation Form Can Increase Your Sales


The client consultation has always been crucial for estheticians/aesthetic practitioners and today, that cannot be emphasized enough.

This week, we were at The Skin Games giving a virtual workshop entitled: 3 Estheticians, One Form, Maximum Growth

In case you don’t know, The Skin Games is an international competition that consists of 13 different categories where aesthetic professionals can demonstrate their expertise.

And, showcasing your expertise for clients starts with the consultation, especially now with new regulations around COVID-19 that have changed the way estheticians practice.

One way we’ve helped our clients adapt their businesses is through their esthetician consultation forms.

During our virtual workshop, we showed how three of our clients used a digital consultation form to not only increase their client list but make sales.

You might be wondering how in the world could a client consultation form increase clients and sales? Well, it all depends on how you’re using your form and how you’re making it work for your business. And, just to be clear here, we're talking specifically about digital consultation forms, not the old standard of paper forms.

Let’s take a look at three client case studies, shall we?

1—Let’s Talk Waitlist & Consultation

For one of our California estheticians, based in the Bay Area, who is also a 6-figure esthetician with a steady flow of clients, she needed an online form that could also function as a waitlist. She wanted to accommodate for existing clients, but also for new clients who had been looking forward to booking with her (before the COVID crisis).

We adapted her consultation form into a waitlist form. This was very simple to do. While clients had normally been directed to her consultation form, embedded on her site, we added a new section to the form: the waitlist which became the visible form available for clients to complete.

For practitioners who work on their own and who don't have an admin team to support them, this waitlist is beyond helpful.

So, Here is Where the Growth Happened:

“I have taken the opportunity to set up this online form for you to fill out to be added to The Skin Revial waitlist. As soon as I am able to get appointments scheduled, I will be using this list to contact everyone personally… A few notes regarding appointments - All Skin Revival members will have first priority when booking.”

She created a waitlist option where she allowed both new and existing clients to join. Existing clients who had become members and paid a monthly subscription were given priority.

So, what about new clients who want their treatments now?

Well, to become a member is easy. All they have to do is: fill in the form and select membership, then pay the monthly membership fee and voila, front of the waitlist and priority status for them which equates to huge value, but for our star esthetician—she created a pathway for consistent sales.

What’s the Takehome?

Not only have her clients filled in a form to pay for the treatment that they want, they've also become paid monthly members of her skincare business, ensuring that they always receive VIP status.

It’s a win-win of value for clients and the esthetician. Clients are supported while the esthetician is also supported, as she was able to reopen, not under pressure to get clients or struggle with organizing them, but rather, with a steady stream of clients who had already paid—and this is an important factor to note because this form helped to create a safe and touchless way for pre-payments to be made.

So, that's one option of how to create growth using your digital consultation form.

2—Retail & E-Commerce

Estheticians are known for being passionate about the services they provide and because of this passion, some aesthetic professionals would rather not deal with the sales aspect of retail.

However, one thing that COVID-19 revealed about our industry is that treatments cannot be the whole of everything you provide.

One of our Ohio estheticians took the initiative and began conducting virtual skincare consultations and virtual skincare sessions. She realized that even though she couldn’t actually give in-person treatments, she could still generate an income for her business without having to leave the comfort of her home.

Now we all love having treatments, giving treatments and making our clients feel amazing, but when you can’t do this, what is the other option?

Sell products!

This is when your expert skincare skills are really valued. Since clients couldn’t come in to see our esthetician-client, they wanted guidance on how they needed to take care of their skin.

Our client: Sacred Skin, made sure she had enough information from the consultation to identify which clients needed products for: oily skin, dry skin, acne prone skin, etc.

While asking simple and standard questions around skin type on her consultation form, she was able to segment her clients by skin types and skin challenges, as well as cross reference their answers with the treatments they had.

So, the client who identified that they suffered with oily skin and had been having a certain type of treatment, she was able to create her top 3 products targeted for this particular skin type, and properly identify their correct treatment.

While this might sound basic, her digital consultation form collected all of the data and then automatically segmented the clients by skin type, skin challenge and treatment and seamlessly integrated this data into her email marketing system, so she could automatically send out emails that spoke to their skincare concerns and gave product recommendations.

Her clients felt like she had personally found products tailored exactly for their skin and the email messages in general, they felt as though these messages spoke directly to them about their skincare concerns and needs.

What’s the Take-Home?

In this case, the consultation form did all of the work. It did the sometimes “uncomfortable” work by selling to the client, without the esthetician doing any direct sales.

Her digital consultation form asked all of the right questions so that she could gather the relevant data she needed to segment her clients by need and sell to them in an easy, effortless way.

3—Legal Protection & Trust

Going back into a client-facing situation has raised the stakes for estheticians today. Never has it been more crucial to ensure that your business is legally protected and shielded from clients trying to claim liability on your assets.

One of our Atlanta estheticians used the digital consultation form to not only legally protect her business, but to grow trust from new and existing clients.

This client actually helped us to upgrade our own standard and produce an esthetician consultation form that includes a 2-step verification, where clients have to sign, via an actual e-signature, to indicate travel times, travel destinations and to specify whether they have been exposed to anyone who may have contracted a virus or who has been in self-isolation.

By including this 2-step verification process, clients instantly trusted that the business was looking out for their health and wellness. New clients had found a business that, from day one, even before their first appointment, was protecting them and instilling a basic human principal of trust.

The Take-Home:

When you protect clients you are protecting yourself, as an aesthetic professional. The digital consultation forms that we create have a first screening of informed consents that allow clients to review treatment information and terms of agreement they can elect to accept.

Once they accept initially, via option button, they are then directed to another screen that gives a synopsis of the informed consents, that this time, however, requires an actual e-signature.

This 2-step verification is essential in the time of COVID, to ensure that you’re minimizing exposure and risk to not only yourself, but your clients and being vigilant in protecting your business.

We Realized That:

The digital consultation form is so much more than just filling out a form and stuffing it in your cabinet.

It’s a growth tool.

Now, you can use it to grow your business with: membership, retail targeting and legal protection and trust. It’s a live, “breathing” document that is at the ready to collect data and guide you on how to best grow and manage your business.

How We Can Help You:

When you’re looking for an esthetician consultation form template, we can design a form that matches your brand beautifully. Not only are our forms visually stunning, they collect both qualitative and quantitative data that act like a reporter or administrative assistant for your business.

Our consultation form templates are built with detailed questions to help you conduct a thorough consultation before client appointments. We have pre-designed forms available or you can opt for a customized version with images of yourself or other relevant images that reflect your brand.

And, our goal is to always empower your brand and the digital consultation forms are one of the esthetician tools we use to help you scale your business.

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