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Many estheticians or aesthetic practitioners think that because they have a website, traffic will just start freely flowing there, like it’s a luxury destination. But, the truth is, you have to direct traffic to your site, and it needs to be the right traffic.

Writing for your website is so much more than just telling people who you are and the beauty treatments that you offer. You first need to understand who you’re writing for—your audience—and, what information that audience wants to know.

When potential clients need to understand how you can help them, they don’t want to have to wade through numerous words to see whether you’re the right practitioner. And, even if you are, but they're unable to quickly discover this from how you've organized your information, they’ll promptly leave your site. In the clouds.

It is imperative that you write so clients can easily find you on Google, and to make that happen, you need to write with a solid SEO strategy in mind.

This means that your writing must be keyword researched—SEO friendly—so that you'll pop up in Google, based upon keywords that your target audience is using to find you.

Here are 3 Key Points Your Website Writing Should Include:

1. A Strong Call to Action—encourage your audience to take action with keywords that reflect your offerings

2. Showcase Lifestyle Benefits—Rather than detailing methods of your services or the ingredients of your products, show the reader what’s in it for them and how your offerings can boost their lifestyle and actually change their life for the better

3. Be concise and conversational—Write in short sentences or phrases, but make sure they connect with your audience