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Our latest articles are jam packed with quick tips, videos and audio to help you build your online clinic and generate leads online.

Building an Online Aesthetic Clinic

The goal is to automatically and consistently generate clients

We have created a simple step-by-step guide of everything you need to have a successful online clinic presence that generates clients automatically and consistently. Let's jump in and get you started with the basics of getting you a successful clinic:

Set up Checklist

Register with companies house: A company registration number is a legitimate way of demonstrating to your clients that you are a trading company.

Domain: This is the URL you need to purchase in order to be online. It can cost between 99p - £30 per year depending on who you choose.

Hosting: This is similar to renting a physical store, you have to pay for your online space, this can cost between £9 - 35 per month. I would recommend you start with a basic package and then upgrade as your business grows and can afford to.

You can purchase your domain and hosting plan with your Wix website.

Google My Business:

Is a free local directory offered by Google, it is important to set this up as this will help with your local SEO search, once done you then will appear on Google Maps and be able to collect Google Reviews for your services.