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Are Your Client Consultation Forms Covid-optimized?

Old paper forms are outdated!

Most have not been updated with the necessary COVID-19 questions, and because they’re paper, they could potentially pose a risk to you and your clients since there is speculation that the coronavirus can live on paper.

Don’t play around with your health or with that of your clients'. And, protect your business by avoiding liabilities.

Any time a client books—whether regular or new—you must send them a COVID-19 form that asks if they have been infected or come into contact with coronavirus.

Our COVID forms then go on to ask a series of short, yet detailed questions to assess any possible risk. Based upon client responses, you can then make the decision whether or not to continue with booking.

While this is a challenging time for many, we have created stunning COVID-19 forms that help to balance these trying times with beautiful imagery, showcasing the new standard—the all essential mask for health and peace-of-mind.

COVID-19 forms can also be created with your logo, brand colors or photos of your choice.

Once a client books, you can send your COVID-19 forms to them via text or email. Or, you can even dedicate a section of your website to where your consultation form is always visible and accessible.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to go paperless, but felt like you weren’t ready. But right now, going paperless has never been more necessary or easy.

Moving to digital can feel like a big step, but possibly losing your business is an even bigger sacrifice—it’s a huge loss!

Make sure you have the right form that protects not only your clients and yourself, but your business.