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10 Instagram Story Ideas About Aesthetics You Can Post Now

Content Ideas for Estheticians and Aesthetic Professionals

Whether you’re called an esthetician/aesthetician in the States or known as an aesthetic practitioner, like across the pond, in the UK, getting on Instagram is crucial for your business.

Your clients love seeing results and Instagram Stories is a great tool to showcase your brand.

Here are 10 ideas that you can start doing now to connect with your audience and let them know that you’re the real deal:

1. Demos—Show off your skills and demonstrate how you help clients boost their beauty. When you take the time to show how you address client concerns and why you’re an expert at doing so, your audience sees the value and wants in on the action!

2. Q&As—Stay active with your followers and let them ask you questions. Then, you can answer those questions in your Stories.

3. Your Faves—Share your favorite beauty products or treatments. And, if you have a favorite beauty or aesthetic account, share the love and highlight one of their posts in your Stories.

4. About Me—Connect with your followers by letting them know who you are. Tell them how you got started in aesthetics and why you’re here to help them.

5. Post Focus—Many times your followers don’t see your actual posts, so shine a spotlight on them in your Stories. It’s as simple as saying, “Have you seen my latest post about Hydrafacials?”

6. Share Other People’s Posts—Love what another aesthetic practitioner has posted? Show support and share with your followers. It helps to show how social you are and that you’re all about community building.

7. Beauty Secret—Share a unique tip or an industry beauty secret that will help your followers. Valuable information will create a captive audience eager to stay connected to you.

8. Q&A Remix—After you’ve answered questions, make sure you now ask your followers questions. Ask them what their favorite serums are, for example. Or ask them what they look for in an esthetician. Their answers are good data collection for you in helping you to learn more about your audience, what they value and what kind of content connects with them.

9. Follower Features—Ask your followers to share something that they're willing to showcase to the world, or the aesthetics community. For instance, you could ask them to share their nighttime beauty ritual, for instance. Encourage them to create a post showcasing this regimen, then feature some of their posts on your stories.

10. Selfie Love—If you never post any pics of you on your Instagram feed, take a selfie and post it to your Stories. Your followers are curious to see the esthetician behind all of the magic, so snap a selfie of yourself. You can put fun graphics behind it and make it as creative as you like, just make sure you show your face!