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The first part of the form asks a series of standardised questions to collect demographic information, medical history and skin analysis details your clinic needs for creating client records.


The second part of the form asks the client to select the treatment they are having. We then require your advisory consent information, for up to eight treatments.


All responses are collected via Google Docs and access in your admin page on the website. They can also be emailed to the desired inbox for you to access.


Streamline your clinic process with our compact digital consultation form. 

Preparing consultation and consent forms, not to mention, trying to figure out your COVID-19 waivers, can take a lot of time, and paperwork.  But, we’ve smoothed out this process.


Due to COVID-19, a paperless environment is now a reality.  As a result, we have developed a digital version of the consultation and consent forms, and a COVID-19 liability waiver, combining them all into one smart and simple form—The Compact.


The Compact form is the ultimate when it comes to asking just about any question you could imagine. 

Here's some of what it includes:


  • Standard Demographic questions (name, location, contact details, etc.)

  • Medical History questions

  • Standard Skincare questions

  • Diet and Health questions

  • COVID-19 Liability Waiver (used to release your business of legal responsibility if coronavirus is contracted while receiving services)

  • Consent Forms (for up to eight treatments)

  • E-Signature for Additional Legal Security 




The Compact form works for all of your clientele--whether a new client or one of your regulars.  


This super detailed form asks just the right questions so that each client is shown only the most appropriate questions.


Your existing clients will be prompted to complete the COVID-19 section and the consent form for their treatment, bypassing questions they've previously answered. 


And, new clients will answer only the questions that are most relevant to them. 


The Compact form has everything you need, including intelligence. and style.  Maybe we should call it The Beauty and Brains Pack? 


A Smart Form

It's your first step towards a beautiful new beginning

 THE COMPACT: The Only   Consultation Form You'll Ever Need 


Go Paperless

Be Proactive

Up Prevention

With the new norm coming into effect, clients will be required to complete a COVID-19 form for every visit—and actually before their visit. 

The Compact form saves you and your clients time by consolidating all of the necessary questions into one place. 

And, even just as exciting, the form can be shared as a text, email link, or it can be housed directly on your website.



The Compact form is what we consider as our Signature Treatment. 

  • Minimise contact in the clinic

  • Reduce the risk of virus spread

  • Instant access via text, email or other online tools

When clients fill in The Compact form before they arrive, you’re able to give them more treatment time and address their needs more thoroughly. 


A win-win for everyone!



All forms include up to eight treatment advisory consent sections. If you need to include more, there is a small fee of £15 per advisory consent. The questions can also be swapped out, in order to reflect your clinic's needs, or you can add your own questions, for an additional £5 per 3 questions.

The Benefits

The Showdown

The Pricing

All Pond Parlor websites come with The Compact form, so there is no additional cost.


A la Carte

£100—The Compact form—choose from one of our 3 templates (£9.99/month—data collection)


£125—The Compact form—customized with logo or up to 3 photos you supply (£9.99/month—data collection)


£30 Photo Finder—we find relevant photos that reflect your brand (up to 3)


£12 Photo Upload—clients can upload up to 2 photos of themselves

£10 Document Upload—clients can upload up to 2 relevant documents 

£15 Video—make your form even more conversational by adding a video of you giving an introduction or explaining some detailed information 

£5 Gifs—get creative and add a gif to further connect and engage with your clients 








Your forms are collated into a file and stored in your Google Drive. We connect the drive to the website so you can access the forms easily

We've made accessing your forms easier than ever. Every website comes with a built in Client Records Management. On your admin page, you will be able to search for forms by client name. 

You can download and attach each form to the Client Records folder, via the Contact list, in your Dashboard.

We've set everything up and get you trained and connected so your forms work for your clinic.

How can I access the forms?





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